Heroes_for_saleI still find it difficult to do street photography, and I’ve been trying for a few years, now. Give me a landscape or an empty building and I forget all about time. Nevertheless, the photographs that I like best from other photographers are those of people.

It’s just that it’s difficult not to feel self-conscious taking photographs in public. The other day, walking through Inverness looking for the fleeting subject, I saw the play of light on a derelict (as they all seem to be) hostel across the street. I hesitated as usual, but then I caught sight of another photographer a few paces away raising his big black DSLR to his eye and thought “while he’s doing that no one will notice me”, so I quickly got my camera out (a little Dynax 5) and took a couple of shots. Imagine my surprise when I read this lovely piece of writing by Adam Marelli posted on the Leica Camera Facebook wall: http://erickimphotography.com/blog/2011/05/leica-rangefinder-for-street-photo…

Here’s an excerpt where he’s writing about that same experience: “In order to catch candid moments, I don’t need to be invisible, I just have to be less obvious than the people around me.” …fantastic insight.

I still have to send off that film for processing, but this is one I took a while back.