a camera with iOS?

At times, I get the feeling that Apple wants the iPhone to be the camera that replaces all cameras. However, they have another general purpose product with a built-in camera, the iPad. With the experience they are building up, a device that is primarily a camera should be a possible project for them – it’s just that it would not be a general purpose device.

With iOS11 just round the corner, the capabilities of their portable devices will make them even more useful for photographers. Most of my time spent as a photographer is in editing, archiving and publishing; the initial, exciting part of seeking out the elusive subject and taking the iconic photograph is soon over, to be followed by all the hard work that comes with making a body of work. When I use my iPhone to take a photograph, then open it on the iPad to finish it and publish it, I wish I could do more of my photography like this.

The dream comes crashing down when I can’t crop, batch edit or tag the RAW files, or find an image taken at a wider aperture or slower shutter speed or longer focal length. Perhaps a Bluetooth-enabled camera like the new Fujifilm X-E3 will be a solution for one side of the equation. All I will then need is the inevitable advent of software solutions that take advantage of the promised capabilities of iOS 11.

Image: the interconnectedness of ideas leads to multiple possibilities.